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On My Honor

Troop 2185 are the baddest Girl Scouts in suburban Boston and their grownups have had it. The other moms have given up, leaving just Julie's mom Michelle to lead with Molly's flaky, spacey mom Liz. When new-to-town Janet signs up her daughter Brianna, Michelle is cautiously hopeful. Meanwhile, Michelle's husband David, when not trying to talk she and Julie into quitting Scouts, is trying to reach out to his newly divorced commute buddy Kevin. In a year of spectacularly bad field trips, new friendships, and precocious 10-year-olds with a lot to say, On My Honor is a comedy about trying to be an adult when you still feel like a kid. (Full-length; 7W, 2M)

Emerson College Rod Parker Playwriting Fellowship - 2015

SheNYC Summer Theater Festival Finalist - 2017

B Street Theatre New Comedies Festival Semifinalist - 2019

Photo: Corey Umlauf, Scenic Designer

Guitar Close Up

Sam Loves Alex

A little raw from recent breakups, Sam and Alex meet by chance one night at a busy diner. Sam and Alex go on second dates. Sam and Alex catch feelings, meet each other's friends, and then each other's parents. Sam and Alex fight. Sam and Alex fall for each other. And break up. And fall for each other for real. Sam and Alex are six people. And one street musician in the right place at the right time. Something like a romantic comedy, a little like a fairytale, Sam Loves Alex introduces us to three couples maybe finding something real at a strange, transitional time in their lives.

(One-act; 3W, 3M, 1 any gender)

Emerson College NewFest Staged Reading - 2012

Ice Cream

Katie and Dom Are Friends

Katie and Dom are 20-something work friends who share a cramped office at a small Boston nonprofit and bond over the job neither one wants. During a game of Never Have I Ever to waste time, Katie accidentally Really Over-Shares about her personal life and Dom jumps to support her and become real friends. With well-meaning support from Katie’s best friend Melissa and therapist Dr. Charlene, and Dom’s college bros Jake and Aaron - and concern from Dom's girlfriend Jules - they try to let an unexpected friendship change their lives. Katie and Dom Are Friends is a messy comedy about honoring your friendships, honoring your needs, and getting out of your own goddamn way. (Full-length; 4W, 3M)

She NYC Arts Summer Theater Festival Semifinalist  - 2020

Playwrights Foundation Bay Area Playwrights Festival Semifinalist - 2020

More Plays


Family Emergency

A high school graduation interrupted by secrets, broken promises, unpleasant truths, and a mysterious injury. A play about family bonds and responsibility. (Drama; 4W, 3M)


The Aliens Come to Waterville

A summer camp prank gone wrong. A race for survival through the Maine woods.

Based on a true story my dad told me. (Sci-fi Drama; 2W, 6M)

Be Bold, Be Bold

An experimental devised text inspired by the fairytales Bluebeard and Mr. Fox

An exploration of the dichotomy between victim and survivor. (Fantasy Drama; 2W)


Shut Up. It's On.
Girl brings boyfriend home for family dinner. Too bad Grey's Anatomy is on.
 Staged reading: Boston Playwrights' Theatre's New Noises Festival - April 2011 
(Comedy; 2W, 2M)
How to Turn a Stranger Into Your Best Friend
High school seniors worry about their future terrible college roommates. Based on real stories. 
Staged reading: Boston Playwrights' Theatre's New Noises Festival - April 2010 
(Comedy; 2W, 2M)
The Big Gesture
An elderly couple celebrates their anniversary at their favorite restaurant.
A young waiter and waitress fall in love. This is the first play I ever wrote. (Comedy; 2W, 2M)
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